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Arrival in Budapest


  • The Airport Minibus, which leaves every 15-30 minutes from the airport, will take you to any destination within Budapest for appr. 2300 HUF. Seat reservation is necessary 24 hours ahead at or by phone: +36-1 2968 555

    (Info-Desk at Terminal 2).


  • There is also bus No. 200E, which is cheaper. When exiting the airport, turn right from Terminal A, or left from Terminal B, to find the bus stop  "BKV Plusz Reptér busz". The bus stops at the airport every 15 minutes, from 04:55 to 23:20, and goes to Kőbánya-Kispest metro station (blue line - M3).



If you need temporary accommodation, we can recommend you:  

Star City Hotel

Budapest 1078, István utca 14.

Tel: +36 1 479 0420

Fax: +36 1 342 4661




Barocco Hostel

Budapest 1093, Lónyai utca 9.

Tel: +36 952 0089




 Here are some useful things to know before coming to Hungary:

The details below are for Budapest. Life in the other cities (Szeged and Pécs) is somewhat cheaper.

The prices below are shown in Hungarian Forints. In Oct. 2014, 1 EUR = 305 HUF



There's a variety of public transportation vehicles you can choose from:
- bus, streetcar, subway, electric bus, suburban railway

You need to have a pass or validated ticket to use public transportation:

-         monthly pass: HUF 10.000
-         student monthly pass: HUF 4.000 (available with valid Hungarian student ID card)
-         single ticket: HUF 320 (as of Fall 2011)
-         ticket block (10 travels) : HUF 2.800

Remember to keep your ticket until the end of your journey as the controllers might check it.


There are several official companies but there are also non-registered cabs that charge much more than the registered ones.

Registered companies: FőTaxi (official airport cab company), RádióTele5 Taxi, 6x6 Taxi, Taxi4, Barát Taxi, MiniMobil

The prices are cheaper if you call the company to order the cab than if you hail one in the street. In average the prices are: 260-280 Ft/km. There’s an extra charge if the driver waits for you.

From and to the airport the companies have fixed prices that you can check on their websites but you can also use the Airport Shuttle Service.


Some prescription-free medications for general use and their approximate prices:

Aspirin (pain killer) HUF 900
NO-SPA (against stomach joint) HUF 540
Rubophen (against fever) HUF 950
NeoCitran (against flu) HUF 1.000-1.500
Advil (pain killer) HUF 800
Vitamine-C HUF 800
Strepsils (against sore throat) HUF 1.000


The average prices are as follows:

Bread: HUF 150-400/kg
Milk: HUF 200-300/l
Cheese: HUF 200-400/10dkg
Cold cut: HUF 150-500/10dkg
Chocolate: HUF 200-1.000/bar (10dkg)
Bottled beer: HUF 150-500/bottle
Bottled wine: HUF 800-5.000/bottle

There are small shops open 24/7 where food is more expensive than in the bigger food stores.


Most of the popular brands have shops in Hungary. You can find them in malls or in the shopping streets.

Zara, Bershka, Peek&Cloppenburg, NewYorker, H&M, Mango, C&A, Stradivarius, Pull&Bear, Springfield, Esprit, Levi’s, Adidas, Nike, etc.


Regular and art cinemas are also present and both have movies in English (or other original language) with subtitles.

The prices are around HUF 1.500 but there are discount days with prices around HUF 1.000

The most English language movies are shown in Palace Cinema MOM Park.


The entry to the clubs in average is HUF 1.000. The most popular places are:
Morrison’s 2, Soho London, Studio, B7 Club, Dokk

The prices are as follows:

Beer: HUF 250-600/pint
Wine: HUF 300-1.500/glass
Shot: HUF 300-2.000/4cl
Cocktail:  HUF 1.000-5.000/glass


National Gallery: HUF 500-1.000
Hungarian National Museum: HUF 550-1.100
House of Terror: HUF 900-1.800
Museum of Fine Arts: HUF 800-1.600
Museum of Applied Arts: HUF 500-3.000
Kogart Gallery: Free entry
Ludwig Museum: HUF 500-1.900 


Entry: HUF 1.400-2.000


The climate in Hungary is continental. There are 4 seasons however spring and autumn are getting shorter.

Spring: rain, sunshine, average temperature around 10-15 oC
Summer: sunny, scattered thunderstorms, most humid in the second half of July, average temperature around 25-30 oC
Autumn: sunshine, rain, wind, average temperature around 10-15 oC
Winter: snow, rain, or dry cold, the average temperature is around -5 to 0 oC. However during the night it can fall to -10 oC.

Telecommunication , , 

There are 3 companies T-Mobile, Telenor and Vodafone. All of them have prepaid card options so that you don’t have to sign a long-term contract.


The electricity in Hungary is 220-230V.


A 10% tip is expected in restaurants and for cab drivers. In some restaurants it’s indicated that a service fee will automatically be charged to the bill but it’s not included in the price on the menu.


Hairdresser: Men HUF 2.500-5.000
Women HUF 5.000-10.000

Manicure: Nail polish around HUF 1.000
              Fake nails HUF 5.000-6.000

Massage: HUF 4.000-8.000

Fitness , , , 

There are fitness centers in most of the malls.

Monthly pass: around HUF 15.000-20.000

Swimming pools and spas

Hungary is famous for its spas. There are plenty of options in Budapest but you’ll also find places in Szeged and Pécs.

Entry: HUF 2.000-4.000

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