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Exam exemption

Applying for exemption from the entrance exam is possible on the following bases:

· Semmelweis University


Degree in a related field is a prerequisite and the applicant has to posess a sufficient level of English.

Please note
: The University only accepts full application packages. Decisions will not be made about incomplete applications.


· University of Szeged

- Holders of IB Diploma with a grade of at least 5 in English and two natural sciences subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics).

B.Sc. Degree in Natural Science, Life Science, Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Dental Hygiene for Dentistry program. Students applying for exemption from the entrance exam need to submit a certified copy of their B.Sc. diploma,their official Transcript(s) and official Course Description(s); Holders of a B.Sc. 

Only holders of GCE Advance Level with a result of at least A or A+ level with an A result in 3 Natural Science subjects

(Holders of GCE O Level and GCE AS Level are NOT entitled to get exemption)


· University of Pécs

Degree in a related field is a prerequisite with proof of B2-level English knowledge.


· University of Veterinary Medicine

- IB diploma 

- Major related previous college/university studies (degree gained or at least one year completed at the time of application)

- A-level exam (UK system)


If you meet any of the above conditions and posess a sufficient level of English you may apply for the exemption.

However, you still need to fill in the application form/s of the chosen university/ies and send along with the requested application documents (check the list at each university).


Additional required documents for applicants for exam exemption:
- copy of transcript/degree of the related studies the request is based on, or copy of the IB or A-level
- course description of the subjects studied (syllabus)
- proof of language knowledge: B2 level language exam (such as Cambridge FCE/CAE, TOEFL, IELTS) Doesn't apply if your mother tongue is English.

Important: applicants need to indicate on the application form that they’re applying for exemption from the entrance exam or need to attach an official letter requesting the exemption including what it’s based on.