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1. Where do I have to send the application documents?

  • You can send your application documents to your representative
  • You can send it to us by e-mail to:
  • by fax: +36-1-413-3030
  • via post: H-1406 Budapest 76., P.O.Box:51, Hungary
  • or you can send it to the University directly

2. What happens if I get any of the application documents later than the entrance exam/ application deadline?

The most important is the Application Form. Without that we cannot register you in our system and for the entrance exam. If any of your other documents is missing when you take the exam, you don't need to worry, just send them as soon as you get them. In case of a successful exam your status will be conditionally accepted until you hand in all of the documents.

3. If I apply to more than one universities how many exams do I have to take?

You only have to write one entrance exam which is valid for all three medical universities, Szent Istvan University and Health Science Faculty at Semmelweis University.

4. How can I apply to the entrance exam?

You can apply through your representative or you can register to the exam via e-mail. Send your application to:

5. Are there any books to read for the entrance exam?

There are no required textbooks, but we recommend Secondary School material and the sample tests on this website.

6. How many times can I take the exam each year?

All of the candidates are eligible to take the entrance exam twice each admission period. However for the University of Pécs you can take it three times.

7. What happens if none of my entrance exams is successful?

In this case you can apply to our Pre-Medical Program without entrance exam, where you can get the required knowledge for University studies.

8. What is the difference between application fee and registration fee?

Application fee has to be paid by all applicants to each University, however registration fee should only be paid by those who are admitted and it is payable together with the tuition fee.

9. What happens if I do not pay the tuition fee until the deadline?

If you do not pay your tuition fee in time your place will be cancelled.

10. Is dormitory available?

It is only available at the Health Science Faculty of Semmelweis University. All other students need to rent an apartment.
For more details please visit

11.Is it possible to get scholarship or financial aid?

Unfortunately there is no scholarship, however deduction from the tuition fee after the first year is possible at some places. You can ask for the conditions at the university.

12. Do I need a visa to study in Hungary?

It depends on your country of citizenship. Those who need visa to enter Hungary have to apply in time as the process might take weeks. Students from visa-free countries can enter Hungary without visa, but have to apply for registration certificate.
Details about the registration certificate is availabe when you register at the university.

13. Is there a form to be used for the Medical Certificate?

No, there's no exact form to fill. All it has to include is that the applicant is mentally and physically able to complete higher educational studies.
Negative HIV test and proof of Hebatitis B vaccination need to be attached.

14. How many set of documents do I need to send in case of a multiple application?

Please send as many sets of application documents as many universities you're applying to.
However you don't need to multiply the documents if you apply to 2 or 3 different faculties at the same university. (Except for the Health Sciences Faculty which is treated separately from the medical/dental/pharmacy faculties of Semmelweis University.)

15. Do I need Medical Insurance?

Yes, all students need to have an insurance covering them in Hungary.
For those who will start their studies at Semmelweis University (Medicine,
Dentistry, Pharmacy, Health Sciences) a medical insurance is
included in the tuition fee as long as they pay it and are registered active students. 
Terms and Conditions are available on the following website: (choose the Blue Card).