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  • VET new brochure


    The new brochure and application form of the Veterinary University are now available. Choose The University of Veterinary Medicine under "The Universities" section for the official 2017/18 brochure and application form.

  • Veterinary brochure and application form


    The new brochure and application form of the Veterinary University are now available. Link

    The new brochure and application form of the Veterinary University are now available. Choose The University of Veterinary Medicine under "The Universities" section for the official 2017/18 brochure and application form.

  • Summer Englilsh program


    A 13-week Summer Semester in English language is offered for those who need improvement in the language before starting the Pre-Medical program.

    The program will be given between 20 June and 16 September 2016. The total length is 13 weeks – 24 classes a week. The classes include General English, Reading, Science Reading and Communication.

    The tuition fee is 4330 usd, which includes the tuition fee itself, the course book, an extra gammar book and 6 weekend activities. (The weekend activities are in Budapest and in the country and are accompanied by two teachers. The fee includes transportation and entrance tickets but no catering.)


  • Japanese license exam


    This year 9 Japanese graduates from Hungarian medical universities have successfully passed the state license exam to practice in their home country. We wish them lots of luck in their career.

  • Exam in Iran


    New entrance exam location is added in Tehran, Iran. 

    The entrance exam for the Hungarian universities will be held in Tehran on June 16-17.
    For the details please contact our local representative, Dr. Habibi at Daneshpooyan Aria Institute. 

  • Open Day in Stockholm


    Open Day on March 17th about the study options in Hungary for students, parents, teachers, career advisors.

    The Embassy of Hungary cordially invites everyone interested to the Open Day held on March 17, 2016.
    The venue is the Embassy - Dag Hammarskjöldv. 10. -from 16:00 to 18:00.
    Opening words by the Embassador, H.E. Lilla Makkay followed by presentations from the Vice-dean of the University of Szeged and program directors from College International. 

  • 2016/17 entrance exam dates & locations available


    The entrance exam dates and locations for the 2016/17 academic year are available under Contact us!

    To apply for an exam, submit the required application documents indicating the place and date of the chosen exam on the application form. 
    For the exam details organized outside of Hungary, please contact the local representative.

  • University name change


    The Faculty of Veterinary Science of Szent Istvan University will be an independent university from the upcoming 2016/17 academic year! 
    Their new name is University of Veterinary Medicine.

  • 2015.12.17.

    Intensive PreMedical program applications are still accepted until December 31st from students arriving from visa free countries! Classes start on January 4th.

  • Long Premed has started


    The 2-semester PreMedical program has just started with a record number of students preparing themselves for their universitiy studies next year. We wish them a successful semester!

  • 2015.10.05.

    Application for the 1-semester intensive PreMedical program starting in January 2016 is on. Application deadline is December 1st.
    For information and more details please email to  

  • Long premed late application


    Long PreMedical program application extended.

    We still accept applications to the 2-semester PreMedical program starting in October from applicants coming from visa-free countries.

  • Late exam in Budapest in August


    There'll be a late-exam in Budapest on August 25th for the remaining free seats at the universities. Due to the limited number of availabilities multiple applications are strongly encoureged! 

    For more information and to apply please email us:

  • 2015.04.22.

    Exam date change!

    Dear Applicants,

    The date of the June exam in Stockholm has slightly changed due to the Royal wedding. The new date is 14-15 June.
    Thank you for your understanding. 

  • Scandinavian mission completed


    The early entrance exams to the Hungarian universities were successfully conducted in Scandinavia.

    During March we had around 150 students taking the entrance exam in Oslo and Stockholm. Many of them have already been admitted. Congratulations to them!

  • Scandinavian entrance exams


    Oslo (7-8 March) and Stockholm (21-22 March) will hold entrance exams to the Hungarian Universities. 
    To apply please contact us at or
    See you there!

  • Swedish Veterinary Magazine article


    The Veterinär Magazinet has published an article about Swedish students studying at Szt. Istvan University Faculty of Veterinary Sciences.

    The article is available on page 18 at

  • 2015/16 brochures available


    New brochures of the universities for the 2015/16 academic year are uploaded.
    Applilcation will start in 2015.

  • Swiss TV report


    Swiss TV report about Hungarian Medical Universities. Watch it here!

    The Swiss Radio and Television (RTS) has aired a short documentary on November 2nd about Semmelweis University and the University of Szeged introducing medical education in Hungary as a great option for Swiss students.

  • Japanese TV report


    2 reports in Japanese Television about Semmelweis University. Watch it here in English or Japanese!

    A documentary shot in Hungary about Semmelweis University was aired in the Japanese Public Television's "International Network News" program first on October 19th in Japanese then on November 5th in English. The report introduced the medical education in Hungary for Japanese students.

  • PreMed Application


    PreMedical applications are accepted through September for the 2-semester program.
    For information please contact us at

  • Hungarian Medical degree accepted in Japan


    Hungarian Medical degree accepted in Japan

    After the first Japanese students have graduated in Hungary we’re proud to announce that after studying at the PreMedical program and successfully completing the 6-year medical program at Semmelweis University and the University of Szeged, the following graduates have passed the Japanese medical license exam: 

    NUMATA Ruriko
    MUTA Mayuko
    MARUYAMA Akiko

    Congratulations and we wish all of them a successfull career! 

  • Medical and Veterinary studies Seminar in Milan


    A Medical and Veterinary studies seminar in Milan on 14 May, 2014 to introduce the Hungarian programs

    14 MAGGIO | 18.00 - 20.00


    Dr. János SZIRMAI, Professor of Art History, Vice President of McDaniel College Budapest

    Sempre più studenti, per scelta o come alternativa alla medicina in Italia, si orientano verso percorsi all'estero.

    Le università ungheresi vantano una lunga storia accademica in questo ambito e da più decenni offrono corsi in lingua inglese attraendo studenti da tutto il mondo.

    Dr. János Szirmai di McDaniel College Budapest, ci introdurrà ai vari percorsi offerti dalle seguenti università:

    Semmelweis University, fondata nel 1635
    The University of Szeged, fondata nel 1581
    University of Pécs, fondata nel 1367.

    presso: U4You - Via Borgogna, 3 – secondo piano - 20122 Milano

    La partecipazione è gratuita, i posti sono limitati ed è richiesta iscrizione.

    Clicca qui per registrarti

    14 MAY | 18.00 - 20.00


    Dr. Janos Szirmai, Professor of Art History, Vice President of McDaniel College, Budapest

    Ever more students are looking abroad as an alternative to studying Medicine in Italy.

    Hungarian universities boast a long academic history in this field, and, for many years now, have been offering courses in English, attracting students from all around the world. 

    In this seminar Dr. Janos Szirmai of McDaniel College, Budapest will introduce us to the various courses and programmes offered by the following universities:

    Semmelweis University, founded in 1635,
    The University of Szeged, founded in 1581
    The Universiry of Pecs, founded in 1367.

    Venue: U4YOU - Via Borgogna 3 – second floor - 20122 Milan

    Participation at the seminar is free, but space is limited, so if you would like to attend, please register.

    Click here  to register

  • 2014 Entrance exam dates & locations


    The ilist of the upcoming entrance exam dates and locations is now available under the Contact us section! Check them and choose the best for you. Hope to see you there!

    Remember that everyone can take the entrance exam twice each application period. Therefore we recommend to take an early exam so that you'll have time to repeat it before the exams are over. 

    In case of the Health Sciences Faculty there has to be 6 weeks between the two exams.

  • Start of the Intensive PreMed


    The 1-semester intensive PreMedical program has started! Around 70 students from almost 30 countries have joined our program to prepare for their university studies. Good luck for them!

  • 10-day pre-university course in August!


    The 10-day pre-university course has just finished. Read the comments of those who took part in it.

    Here are some comments from our Scandinavian students. Thank them for the nice words, we're glad they enjoyed it.

    "Very beneficial both academically and socially."

    "Great programme."

    "Teachers are inspiring and clever."

    "I dont regret one single second for coming."

    "I would recommend it to future Semmelweis students."

  • Application period


    The application period for the 2014/15 academic year has started! The application forms are available on our website under each university. For the University of Szeged remember to do it online first!

  • Guideline of Topics for the entrance exam


    We've uploaded the Guideline of Topics to help you with preparation for the entrance exam.
    You can find them in "The Universities" section under each university. 

    The topics might vary at the different universities, so please check each one you're applying to. 

  • The University of Szeged has improved its position on two international rankings.


    The university has moved 50 places forward on the British QS World University Rankings’s list. It’s now within the best 501-550.
    The Spanish Webomatrics (Ranking Web of Universities) placed the university 55 positions ahead of its previous ranking moving it into the best 500.

  • English Language Program


    Would you like to study in English? Would you like to improve first?
    Then come to the English Language Program in Budapest!
    We are organizing a two-semester program for students who wish to start their further studies in their chosen field in the academic year 2013-2014.
    For further information please read the relevant section.

  • Medical Insurance


    Information about a Medical Insurance is available in FAQ.

  • Online Application to the PreMed Program


    Don't hesitate, apply online to our Pre-Medical Program now!!

    The online application form is available in the relevant section (The Universities - PreMedical Program).
    After sending the application form we'll contact you with the further steps of the application process.

    Should you have any questions call +36-1-413-3034 or email us to