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Not admitted?

Those who don't pass the entrance exam receive the Rejection Letter.

After an unsuccessful entrance exam students have the following options:

1, If they have taken the entrance exam only once, they have another chance to retake it. Please check the dates and locations and inform us at which one you're going to attend so that we can register you for it.

2, Those who have taken the entrance exam twice or are not able to retake it can apply for our PreMedical Program without another exam.


Become a Medical Doctor

Dear Student,

McDaniel College Budapest is offering you a one-year Pre-Med program. This program prepares students for entrance examinations to Medical universities, including 3 Hungarian Medical Schools that are Semmelweis University in Budapest, University of Pécs Medical School and the University of Szeged. McDaniel College has a long history of offering pre-medical and health professions studies. Every year 85-90% of the candidates take a successful entrance examination and become successful University students in Hungary and then become successful medical doctors.
Let me introduce ourselves:
The Pre-Medical studies are an 8-month program in Medicine/ Dentistry/ Pharmacy/ Veterinary Science/ Physiotherapy/ Nursing/ Midwifery preparing students for university studies and of course for the entrance examination. English (General English, Medical English, English Communication), Biology (Cell Biology, Genetics, Physiology), Chemistry (General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry), Mathematics, Physics (General Physics, Introduction to Biophysics) and Hungarian are taught.
The one academic year spent at the Pre-Medical program also helps students to adapt to studying in Hungary and get used to living abroad.
As there is no entrance examination to this program, everybody is welcome until we have available places.
If you find our offer suitable, please fill in the application form and send it back as soon as possible. If there is a local representative in your country you can also turn to him/her. After receiving your application form we are immediately sending you the letter of acceptance (as long as we have vacancies).

Hope to see you in September and give you a chance to become a member of our medical student community!!!

      Zsuzsa Wollner
     Program Director

Recommendations from previous Pre-Med students:

'I would first like to congratulate you for taking this step choosing McDaniel as a college! This place is heaven! I assure you that you will add your experience here in the “Most memorable experiences list”!
The staff is awesome, friendly, kind and more than willing to help! Most of the students that did the Pre-Med in McDaniel College made it to the medical universities and are not finding a hard time catching up with the rigorous program of these universities! Moreover we actually know the city (Budapest) like natives, if not better, due to that many trips in and out of Budapest!
Good luck and enjoy it to the max coz it is a once in a lifetime opportunity! NO KIDDING!

McDaniel Pre-Med student 2010/11
Medical student at Semmelweis University

'I highly recommend doing the Pre-Med course offered by McDaniel College. The warm environment, and the way the teachers care gives you the best conditions getting a really good background in Biology, Chemistry and Physics which are the most important subjects for the beginning of a med school. The lessons are delivered by experienced teachers who won’t hesitate to give extra classes if needed. McDaniel does not only give knowledge but also the opportunity to visit many places and to make new friendships before you is really starting the University.
Even after starting the first year, this college always feels like a place to go when you need something.'

Chen Lux
Former student of Semmelweis University