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Entrance exam consultations

Dear Prospective Students,

We would like to offer you some excellent, new features which we hope will be of help in your exam preparations as well as during your application process.

Entrance exams are held worldwide. Please see the list here.


Sample Tests

To help you take a successful entrance exam we provide you with an actual exam question list that has been asked in previous exams. This way you may guess the strength of the exam and your competence.
(Click on the numbers to download the sample tests and answers in PDF)

Biology test:       1   2   3    Answers: 1   2   3

Chemistry test:   1   2   3    Answers: 1   2   3

English test:       1   2   3    Answers: 1   2   3

Corrections (until it can be solved in the pdf format as well):

Biology Test 1
Q1: answer D: "silent mutation"
Q3: answer B: "femur", answer C: "ribs", answer D: "tibia", answer E: "all of the above are appendicular"
Q18: answer 3 should be "Lipase - monoglycerids and fatty acids" 

Biology Test 2
Q10: answer C should be "lysogenic virus-viral genome becomes part of the host genome" 

Biology Answers to Test 1
A4: "D"

Bilogy Answers to Test 2
A10: "B" 


Contact our PreMedical Program teachers

In case you have a specific question on the above sample tests you may contact our PreMedical Program teachers of the specific subjects. They will get back to you on a short notice.






Video – consultation (Real-time)

Specified in the timetable below you may contact our PreMedical Program teachers in a video-consultation where you can ask your subject-related questions and get answers directly via a video link.

Timetable - Budapest time zone (GMT +1) - Every week

Click on this link to join the consultations.


          Tuesday 13:00-14:30

          Consultant teacher: Mr. István BIBÓ

          Meeting number: 238 281 255


          Monday 17.00-18:30

          Consultant teacher: Dr. Tímea SZENTGYÖRGYI

          Meeting number: 237 118 700


          Wednesday 17:00-18:30

          Consultant teacher: Ms. Ildikó MEGYERI

          Meeting number: 233 605 651


To access the video-link the first time you need to do the following:

Using Internet Explorer click here.

Using Chrome / Firefox click here.

If you would like to use your smartphone or tablet follow the QR-codes:


QR apple



Windows Phone:

QR windows_phone



QR blackberry