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Documents you will need

On the first page of each application form you’ll find the list of application documents that need to be sent along with the application form.
Please remember that all documents have to be in English (either originals or certified copies). 


· Semmelweis University

- Copy of Secondary School Leaving Certificate (in English or with an authorized translation) and all official transcripts from your secondary school.
- Letter of recommendation.
- Curriculum Vitae in English (attach separate page).
- Motivation letter.
- Medical report (including negative HIV test and Hepatitis B vaccination, certification of not having chronic infectious disease and dyslexia).
- Two passport size photos.
- Copy of passport with your personal data.
- Application Fee USD 200 (non refundable) payable to the local representative. If there is no local representative please transfer the fee to the bank account of IS International Studies.
- Bank receipt for the Examination Fee (USD 250 if the exam is taken in Budapest. Non refundable after application deadline).

Please note: The University only accepts full application packages. Decisions will not be made about incomplete applications.


· University of Szeged

- The applicants have to fill in the application form online. (Handwritten and old forms will not be accepted.) The completed form also has to be printed, signed and sent along with the following application documents.
- Certified photocopy of School Leaving Certificate
- Curriculum vitae
- Three passport size photos
- General Medical certificate. Results of Hepatitis C test, HIV test, and the copy of Hepatitis B vaccination card have to be attached to the general medical certificate.
- Dyslexia declaration form has to be attached to the general medical certificate
- Photocopy of valid passport
- TOEFL test results (optional, can be used for exam exemption request)
- Bank receipt about the Application Fee (USD 200 for the Degree Programs, EUR 200 for the Foundation Year). The application fee is non-refundable.

· University of Pécs

- completed application form with 1 passport-size photo
- copy of school leaving certificate and official transcript of grades from secondary school (in English or with an authorized translation)
- Europass CV
- copy of passport with personal data
- Bank receipt of USD 200 Application Fee (non-refundable). 


· Semmelweis University - Faculty of Health Sciences

- application form, downloadable:
- payment certificate (200 EUR application fee)
- original/true copy of secondary school leaving certificate
-  medical report for application (please note that the Faculty requires a special Medical Report for application It has to be filled partially by the applicant and partially by the GP.
- 3 photos
- copy of passport/ID
- recommendation letter (not compulsory)

To request transfer from your current university/college you need to fill in the Transfer Request Form

To request credit transfer from your previous studies you need to fill in the Credit Transfer Request Form

Please note that they need the original English document or the attested copy of the original English document or the authorized English translation of the original non-English document.

In case you haven’t finished secondary school yet, you can still send your application and take the entrance exam. You can provide the school leaving certificate once it’s issued.