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How to transfer?

Transfer regulations to our medical universities vary at each institution. We try to give you a brief overview but please contact the representatives or us for the options in your case.

Semmelweis University

Transfer to an upper year from abroad is not possible. However you might get exemption from the entrance exam to start in the first year if you have a degree in a related field and posess a sufficient level of English.

Transfer from another medical university in Hungary is possible with the following conditions:
Medicine/Dentistry: transfer is only allowed from the same faculty following the completion of the basic or pre-clinical module.
Pharmacy: transfer is only allowed for students of Pharmacy following the completion of minimum two semesters, if the conditions of dismissal or exclusion do not apply.

Please note: The University only accepts full application packages. Decisions will not be made about incomplete applications.

Semmelweis University Faculty of Health Science

Information about the transfer requirements.

Transfer request form.

University of Szeged

- Students who have successfully pursued medical, dental medicine or pharmaceutical studies at other accredited universities. Subjects of previous studies identical or similar (at least 75%) to the curriculum of the University of Szeged can be approved, meaning that admission to an upper year might be possible. Precondition of transfer from other Hungarian universities is the successful completion of the basic module (first two years) with good results

- Transfer students have to submit their official Transcript(s) and printed Course Description(s)

University of Pécs

There are two types of transfer. 

A, Currently studying medicine/dentistry at another university. Application deadline is August 01.

At the time of transfer

  •  the student has a current student`s legal status in the same major;
  •  has completed at least 2 semesters;
  •  has completed an average of at least 15 credit points of obligatory and elective courses in each semester;
  •  has not completed more than 50% of his/her study plan at his/her present major;
  •  has submitted the following documents before the deadline:
       a, Transfer Application Form, filled in and signed by the applicant
  •    b, Student Status Certificate (original)
       c,  Transcript or copy of the gradebook (verified copy)
       d, High School diploma (verified copy)
  •    e, ID or passport (verified copy)
  •    f,  Letter of Motivation
  •    g,  Curriculum Vitae

B, Credit transfer:

Students (credit transfer) and applicants (preliminary credit transfer) of the University of Pécs Medical School (UPMS) may request exemption from the completion of certain obligatory and/or elective, optional courses of the UPMS. The courses completed must be evaluated with a grade, courses with fail/pass results cannot be accepted.

a, Please check the descriptions of the obligatory, elective and optional courses of the University of Pécs Medical School on this website. Find the ones that you would like to be exempt from.
b, Fill in one copy of the Credit Transfer Application Form for your present major and attachyour recommended curriculum (prescribed course of your previous studies).
c, For each and every UPMS course to be credited (accepted upon earlier studies) fill in one copy of the Opinion Form.
d, Along with each opinion form you have to submit an English language copy of your transcript and a very detailed description of the course(s) completed. The course description must hold following information: where and when it was completed, type of exam, grade granted, number of classes (lectures, practices, seminars), detailed list of topics and contact details of a competent administrator of the institute.
e, All pages of the transcript, the curriculum and the course descriptions must be officially attested by your school with original seal and signature and only complete applications shall be processed.
f, Please submit your application before August 01 or January 01.

For the transfer to any of our medical universities you also need to fill in the application form/s of the chosen university/ies and send along with the other necessary application documents.
Additional required documents:
- copy of the transcripts and final exam grades (of each year if more is finished)
- course description of the subjects studied (syllabus)
- an official letter requesting the transfer indicating why you'd like to transfer and to which year