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Szeged – The Hungarian Capital of Sunshine

Szeged, with a population of 170.000, is the most southern spot of the Great Hungarian Plains. The second biggest river in Hungary, the river Tisza, flows across the city providing an excellent setting for canoeing, kayaking and other water sports.

Szeged is known as the City of Sunshine. Hot summers and mild winters characterize the city. The nearest international airport is in Budapest, from where Szeged can be reached conveniently by express Intercity trains in two hours. You can enjoy the sunshine from early spring in large city parks and in a famous botanic garden.


The Cathedral Square of Szeged hosts the biggest open-air summer festival in Hungary, with concerts and plays, which attract visitors from all over Europe. Fine restaurants are scattered all over the city, including various national cuisines. The cinemas, pubs and university clubs entertain a student population of 25.000.


University of Szeged