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Pécs – City with a Mediterranean Atmosphere

The tiny, curvy and hilly streets of Pécs, the fig trees bearing fruits in the middle of the city, the terraced gardens on the hillside of Mecsek will always remind you of a real Italian setting. Pécs - UNESCOThis southernmost city of the Hungarian 'Mediterranean' was the birthplace of cultures and arts 2.000 years ago. The biggest Early Christian site outside Italy is a part of UNESCO World Heritage.

Pécs has always been a multicultural city. The German, Croatian, Serbian and the Hungarian community succeeded to create a unique cultural mix and a lively spirit.

Pécs is also well known for its universities and scientific workshops. The first Hungarian University was founded here in the 14th century, parallel with those in Prague and Vienna. This city hosts the biggest Hungarian university outside Budapest with 26.000 students.

Pécs is easily accessible from the Hungarian capital by Intercity trains within two and a half hours.


University of Pécs