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English Language Course

It is designed for students who would like to obtain their degree in English but lack the sufficient knowledge of the language. After completing the program students may join university degree programs or the Pre-Medical Program.

The program offers classes in General English, Reading, Writing, Communication, Science Reading, Business English, English for Special Purposes etc., fitted to the needs of the students and their future studies in the field in which they wish to complete their further education.

The programs provide a smooth adaptation year for all the newcomers. You will meet international students from different cultures in small-size groups, so this period is also a social experience. You will get adapted to an independentway of living and discover a new world. Social events, trips will also make this year an unforgettable experience.

The length of study is 1 or 2 semesters starting each October and January.

The English language Program is arranged in the historic building of College International, where you will also meet other international students of the McDaniel College Budapest and American students from the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics.


Depending on students' level of English they may need one or two semesters to improve their knowledge to match the requirements of their chosen institution.

Ten Reasons to Choose this Program

  • students are admitted to the program even with low level of English
  • the number of semesters spent at the English language program depends on the students' progress and levele of English
  • studies can be started in the Fall or in the Spring semester
  • many years of experience preparing students for admission for college studies
  • high admission rate
  • small group size
  • teachers care about teaching, care about you and about your future career
  • friendly environment
  • helpful staff
  • affordable price

Most common questions about the English Language Program

Who can come?

Everybody is welcome who has finished high school studies. There is no entrance examination, so as soon as you send your application material we send you the letter of acceptance. In some cases an English test might be required.

Who is it useful for?

  • It is good for those students whose English knowledge does not reach the level to pursue academic studies.
  • It is also good for those who learnt English a long time ago and would like to refresh and at the same time improve his/her language skills.

What can I study after finishing this program?

  • You may continue your studies for your bachelor’s degree in the field of business: Business Administration, Economics, Political Science, International Studies and Communication.
  • You may continue your studies for your bachelor’s degree in the field arts: Art History and Studio Art.
  • You may continue your studies for your bachelor’s degree in the field Psychology.
  • You may continue your studies at the Pre-Medical Program which prepares for further studies in the field of medicine: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Veterinary Science.
  • You may continue your studies for your bachelor’s degree in the field of engineering and technology: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Mechanical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Economic and Social Sciences and Natural Sciences.
  • You may continue your studies for your master’s degree in various fields offered at universities in Hungary.

At which universities can I study?

The program prepares students for:

McDaniel College Budapest (American BA Programs)

McDaniel College Budapest (Pre-Medical Program)

Semmelweis University       (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy)
Pécs University                  (Medicine, Dentistry)
Szeged University               (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy)
Szent István University        (Veterinary Science)
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

How many universities can I apply after the course?

You can apply to as many universities as you wish. Your chances of acceptance are higher if you apply to more than one.

What is the goal of the course?

On one hand to prepare students for their further studies as the course provides the means - the language itself - which enables students to pursue them. On the other hand to help students to get adjusted to studying in English, to learn study techniques, to develop skills which are necessary for university studies and to help to get adjusted to living abroad.

What subjects are taught?

General English, Reading, Communication, Writing, Business English, English for Special Purposes

At what level are these subjects taught?

The level always depends on the applicants’ English knowledge level and is adjusted to assist utmost advancement.

How many students are accepted to the university after this program?

We have had these courses since 1990 and each year about 90% of the students pass the entrance exam successfully.

Is it compulsory for everybody?

No, some students directly apply to the university but many think that this one year will help them to become a successful university student.

Where are the students from?

They are from about 20 countries, but most of them come from Iran, Turkey, Japan, China, Korea, etc.

Where is the school situated?

It is in the centre of Budapest in a beautifully renovated old school building offering everything students need (spacious classrooms, lecture halls, reading room, computer room with free internet access, cafeteria, etc.)

How to apply?

Please contact for details.



 Fees and costs 2018/19:      
 Application fee 200 EUR

 Long Course 
3 520 EUR 2 460 EUR 5 980 EUR

Payments should be made to the following bank account:

Account name:
 College International
Account (IBAN) Number: 
HU03 1030 0002 2032 4720 4882 0026
Bank name: MKB Bank
Address: H-1056, Váci u. 38. Budapest, Hungary
Swift code: MKKBHUHB

The transfer sheet should include the name of the studentas it is written in the passport
the remark “McDaniel English”.