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Semmelweis University, Budapest

The University was founded in 1635.

2014 is the 245th academic year at the Faculty of Medicine. In 1955, Faculties of Dentistry and Pharmacy were incorporated into the University.

In 1969, the name of the University was changed to Semmelweis University of Medicine. The new name honors Ignác Semmelweis who discovered the cause of puerperal fever and was a professor and a chairman on the Faculty of Medicine.

Today, Semmelweis University incorporates the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physical Education and Sport Sciences, and the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Semmelweis University was the first Hungarian higher educational institution that started to offer an international program.

Current enrollment at the Faculty of Medicine is 3200 students, at the Faculty of Dentistry 630, and at the Faculty of Pharmacy 649.

Semmelweis University Main Building

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Pharmacy

Preparatory course for Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy


Official 2016/2017 brochure of Semmelweis University

2016/17 application form of Semmelweis University

Please note: The University only accepts full application packages. Decisions will not be made about incomplete applications.


Guideline of Topics for the Entrance Exam
at the Faculty of General Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy – 2013/2014 Academic Year:

1. Evolution: chemical and biological aspects

2. Chemical background in Biology: Structure of atoms; Molecules – chemical bonds; Solutions;
Chemical reactions; Inorganic constituents;Hydrocarbons; Organic compounds containing Oxygen or Sulphur; Organic compounds containing Nitrogen; Carbohydrates; Amino acids and Proteins; Lipids; Vitamins; Nucleic acids.

3. The cell and its organization (morphology and function): Prokaryotes (viruses, bacteria) and Eukaryotes (focus on cilia and flagella, cell wall, cell membrane, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi, lysosome, mitochondrion, plast, ribosome, centriole, nucleus, nucleolus).

4. From cells to tissues of different structure and function (plant and animal tissues as well).

5. Cell division: mitosis and meiosis.

6. Anabolic and catabolic pathways regarding nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids (photosynthesis, bioenergetics included).

7. The physiology of living organisms: respiration, ingestion and digestion, excretion, circulation,
endocrine and neural regulation, immunobiology, locomotion.

8. Reproduction and development of animals.

9. Genetics: Mendelian inheritance, human genetics.

10. Basic ethology.

Note: In all of these questions, knowledge of English terminology is required!

Fees and costs 2016/17:

Application fee 200 USD

Medicine (Year 1-6) 9 100 USD 9 100 USD 18 200 USD
Dentistry (Year 1-5) 9 100 USD 9 100 USD 18 200 USD
Pharmacy (Year 1-5) 6 000 USD 6 000 USD 12 000 USD

Registration fee 220 USD




Payments should be made to the following bank account:

Account name:
IS International Studies
Account (IBAN) Number: HU12 1030 0002 1047 6764 4012 0020
MKB Bank
H-1056, Váci u. 38. Budapest, Hungary
Swift code: MKKBHUHB

The transfer sheet should include the name of the student as it is written in the passport
the remark “SE Uni”.

Official website of the university: